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Featuring Artist:  THE REALITY BAND 

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Welcome Aboard! to a real musical journey with The Reality Band. We are not classified as an R&B, Jazz, top 40, blues or funk band but we are classified as a Musical Experience. We perform all cultures of music as an International Language. Our band consist of an allstar cast of very talented musicians whom have performed on stage and recorded behind various local and international artists such as: The Contours, The Marvelettes, JJ Barnes, Carl Carlton, Pricilla Price, Chick Willis, James Barnes and the Agents, Fantastic Four, Carolyn Crawford, Chick Willis, Bobby Rush, John lee Hooker Jr., Spyder Turner, Moments Notice, Betty lavette, The Royal Jokers, Gino Washington, David Ruffins, Eddie Kendricks, Junior Walker and the All Stars, Rolls Royce, The Falcons, Latin Counts, Spanky Wilson, Bobby Womack, Albert King, Little Milton, Otis Clay, The MidWest Gospel Singers, Sons and Daughters of Zion, etc. Just to name a few. Musical   Productions include:Cracksteppin and the Rhythm and the Blues. Both were produced by Barry Hankerson & Ron Milner. We are also currently working on a new CD that is scheduled to be released next spring.  We are all residents of the City of Detroit and our intentions are to help make Detroit the Music Capital once again. The Reality Band was formed in September 2009 by the former drummer of The Moments Notice Band Mike Kilgore. Mike wanted to form the ultimate band that could play a variety (Genre) of music and he knew he would have to handpick each new member to fulfill that obligation. After Mike’s departure from Moment Notice he started freelancing with various bands. There were many days during his absence from Moments Notice when he would think about the chemistry he had on stage with Jerome Yancy (bass player) and Bobby Hill (guitar/vocals) of the Moments Notice Band. Mike decided to invite Jerome and Bobby to join The Reality Band. They both accepted the invitation with open arms. Mike, Jerome and Bobby were a rhythm section again. The three of them had been together since 2004 as the rhythm section behind various Local & International Recording Artists. Mike and Bobby had been playing together with various bands since the early 70s but after the 70’s era was over the two of them had went their own separate ways until they reunited and combined forces with Jerome in 2004 and our newest member Rick Jones in 2009. Since The Reality Band was formed they have performed for several different venues and has displayed a heavy force of energy on stage. They are definitely a force to be reckoned with!

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